Resilient Business Backups

Tailored specifically for Web2 companies, Jackal Enterprise offers a secure, redundant, and geo-distributed data backup service that stands unmatched. 

Un-matched privacy and  security.

Jackal's got your data's back—threefold.

Three copies of all your stuff, available all the time. Should even one bit of your data go offline, the protocol will step in and clone missing data, automatically maintaining a trio of copies without a hitch.

Geo-distributed for global resilience.

Your data's safety means ensuring it's stored not just securely, but smartly. Jackal Enterprise's geo-distributed backup system spreads your data across multiple jurisdictions, reducing risks associated with localized disasters.

Shepherded by experts.

Transitioning to robust backup solutions can seem daunting. That's where our dedicated Jackal Labs employees step in. Your backup process is not just supported—it's shepherded by experts who ensure a seamless, stress-free transition to Jackal Enterprise.

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