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Landslide Network and Jackal: Delivering Storage to Avalanche

Published on
June 9, 2024

Blog Post: Partnership Between Landslide and Jackal Protocol


The strategic partnership between Landslide and Jackal Protocol represents a significant advancement in blockchain interoperability and decentralized storage solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance the capabilities of both platforms and foster a more connected and secure blockchain ecosystem between the Cosmos and Avalanche environments.


Landslide is known for its work on implementing IBC light clients on Avalanche, facilitating smoother blockchain interactions. Jackal Protocol offers robust decentralized storage solutions, enhancing data security and user sovereignty. Together, they bring complementary technologies to the table that can deliver Jackal’s storage functionality to the Avalanche ecosystem.

Synergies Between Landslide and Jackal Protocol

The partnership is expected to enhance dApp capabilities by allowing seamless operation across multiple blockchain environments, combining Landslide’s fast transaction processing with Jackal’s secure storage solutions. This integration aims to improve user and developer experience, increase market reach, and set new standards in blockchain interoperability.

Strategic Benefits

  • Enhanced User Experience: Integration simplifies access to decentralized storage in the Avalanche ecosystem with a simple smart contract call.
  • Market Expansion: Opens up new user bases for both platforms, enhancing network effects.

Implementation Strategy

The integration involves creating compatible interfaces and ensuring seamless access to data storage for Avalanche users, with a focus on maintaining high security and performance standards. This will include initial pilot testing followed by a phased rollout based on feedback.

Future Prospects and Opportunities

The partnership is poised to drive innovation in web scale applications on blockchain rails. It sets the stage for a more interconnected, efficient, and user-friendly environment.


The partnership between Landslide and Jackal Protocol marks a pivotal development in blockchain technology, promising enhanced interoperability.

About Landslide Network

Landslide Network is transforming blockchain with a seamless IBC connection to Avalanche, bridging multiple blockchain ecosystems. With high throughput and native IBC support, Landslide is paving the way for cross-chain DeFi and scalability.

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About Jackal Protocol

Jackal Protocol is the interchain storage network, delivering decentralized storage solutions across blockchains. Built for interoperability and sustainability, Jackal is the future of secure, decentralized data storage.

Website | Twitter | Discord

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