Jackal Protocol.
The Interchain Storage Network.

Delivering actually decentralized storage to all blockchains.
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What Makes Jackal Better?

Actually decentralized storage.

Everything On-Chain

Built as an application specific blockchain, Jackal is purpose with custom blockchain modules for on-chain data permissions, ownership, transfer, encryption, and more.


Purpose built for interoperability, Jackal harnesses IBC, ICA, and GMP, protocols to build "Jackal Outposts".

Users and developers on Jackal Outpost enabled chains benefit from on-chain access to self custodial data storage and permissions with a simple contract call.

Jackal's interchain first architecture unlocks use-cases and verticals for blockchain technology in every ecosystem.

Storage Duration

Store for a while, or store forever. Jackal delivers the flexibility required with on-chain storage proofs.

The Chain

A modular, interoperable, proof of stake application specific blockchain. Blazingly fast. Built to last and designed to evolve.

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What makes Jackal better? 

vs Filecoin


vs Arweave


vs Storj


vs Pinata


vs Bundlr


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