• Your NFT media files can vanish into thin air since they are stored with Big Cloud.
  • Centralized IPFS pinning services are just Big Cloud clutching your NFTs. 
  • Jackal ensures your NFTs will last forever.


Imagine pouring your heart into creating a masterpiece NFT, only to realize one day it’s vanished into thin air. Scary, right?

This is the nightmare that haunts every NFT creator and marketplace out there. Meet Maya, an NFT artist who’s spent months crafting a collection she’s proud of. The problem? Her art is stored on centralized IPFS pinning services running on Big Cloud servers. One expired credit card or slip-up from these centralized giants, and her work could disappear forever. Maya and countless others are left crossing their fingers, hoping the centralized chokepoints don’t fail them.

Here’s the hard truth: Blockchains suck at storage. They don’t have the native ability to store data, decentralized and performant, with a simple smart contract call. And that’s where big cloud swoops in, clutching all those NFTs in its centralized grip. But there’s hope. Jackal changes the game by providing a trustless storage environment where your NFTs can be stored safely and easily shared with the community. Thanks to IBC, data on Jackal can be stored, accessed, and managed from any connected chain, making integration a breeze.

With Jackal, you can store your NFT collection and ensure its resilience. Imagine three copies of your NFT collection’s art, always available. If even one bit of data goes offline, Jackal’s protocol steps in and clones the missing data, automatically maintaining a trio of copies without a hitch. And with the ability to prepay for up to (checks notes) 25,620,477, 900,000,000 years of storage, your NFT collection could easily outlive you.

Jackal’s geo-distributed network spreads your data across multiple jurisdictions, slashing the risks associated with localized disasters. It’s time to free your NFTs from the clutches of Big Cloud and ensure they last forever. With Jackal, you’re not just storing art—you’re preserving a legacy. Don’t let your masterpieces fade into oblivion. Embrace the future of decentralized storage with Jackal, and give your NFTs the forever home they deserve.