• Social application developers want to build awesome products using blockchain technology. 
  • They have been forced to settle for “Sufficient Decentralization”.
  • If they don’t get full decentralization with storage and hosting, these apps will be at the mercy of Big Cloud.
  • Jackal delivers the tools they need to achieve full decentralization.


Hey social app devs! Ever feel like you’re stuck building with one hand tied behind your back? We get it. You want the power of decentralization without sacrificing performance.

Meet Sarah, a trailblazing social app developer with a vision. She dreams of creating a decentralized social network that rivals the big players. But there’s a snag—current solutions force her to settle for “Sufficient Decentralization.” This means her users can find each other and communicate, but the full power of decentralization is just out of reach. Sarah wants more; she wants full decentralization without Big Cloud looming over her.

Sarah’s story is all too common. Social app developers want to build products that are as powerful and user-friendly as the legacy giants, but they keep hitting a wall. They’re forced to compromise on their principles, settling for partial decentralization that leaves their apps vulnerable to centralized control. Without full decentralization in storage and hosting, these social networks are always at risk.

Enter Jackal. With Jackal, Sarah and developers like her can finally break free from the chains of Big Cloud. Our solution offers true decentralized hosting and storage that’s powerful enough for any social app. With a simple smart contract call over IBC, you can access Jackal’s robust, high-performance storage right on your blockchain.

Jackal is here to empower social app developers with the tools they need to achieve full decentralization. We’re not just another storage solution—we’re the key to unlocking the true potential of Web3 social networking. Why compromise when you can have it all? With Jackal, your social apps can be fast, fully decentralized, and free from Big Cloud’s grasp. Let’s build the future of Web3 social together, one smart contract call at a time.