• Jackal delivers scalable storage functionality cross-chain, to any IBC connected chain, with a simple smart contract call.

  • The future is multi-chain. Utilizing the groundbreaking IBC protocol and Inter-Chain Accounts Controller Contracts, tap into Jackal anywhere with a simple smart contract call.

  • Bring Jackal to your home chain and set developers free from storage woes when building web-scale applications. 

  • Native Jackal support makes your home general purpose L1 or L2 blockchain have all the functionality of the Jackal Protocol locally.


Ever tried to build the next big blockchain app and felt like you were stuck with storage options from the Stone Age? Yeah, we’ve been there too.

Picture this: Elena is a blockchain developer with a vision to create a web scale application that could change the game. She’s all about decentralization and ownership, but there’s one massive hurdle—storage. Blockchains just aren’t built for it. So, she’s forced to use centralized Big Cloud services, tangled in a web of APIs that scream Web2, not Web3.

Elena’s story isn’t unique. Developers everywhere are facing the same struggle. They need decentralized storage to keep their blockchain dreams alive, but it’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. That’s where Jackal comes in. With Jackal, Elena can finally ditch the Big Cloud middlemen and get rid of chokepoints of failure. Our solution offers decentralized storage right on any blockchain with just one simple smart contract call. Jackal does this utilizing the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol and Interchain Accounts Controller Contracts. No more compromising on principles, no more API nightmares.

Jackal is here to set blockchain developers like Elena free from their storage woes. We’re not just another storage solution—we’re the storage solution that keeps the spirit of blockchain technology alive. So, why settle for less? With Jackal, you get the decentralized storage you need, right where you need it. This is real web3 cloud storage. This isn't some web2.5 company, we aren’t a re-wrapping of AWS. This is the good stuff, actually decentralized storage.

If your blockchain doesn’t have native Jackal support contact us.