• Individuals and businesses want geo-distributed data backups they can trust.
  • If you don’t have data backups, you could face data loss, business disruption, fines and financial consequences, security risks, and legal ramifications.
  • Current centralized solutions have single chokepoints of failure, a target for attacks, slow to recover from, and a data privacy nightmare.
  • Jackal for your data backups means opting for ultimate security, reliability, and peace of mind. 


Everyone—from solo adventurers to bustling businesses—wants geo-distributed data backups they can count on. Why? Because life happens. Digital catastrophes like accidents, hardware failures, cyber attacks, and other chaos are always lurking around the corner. Data backups aren’t just nice to have; they’re essential. This need is so intense it’s driving an industry worth tens of billions and growing like wildfire. Whether you’re ticking a regulatory box or just want peace of mind, backups are your lifeline. Without them, you’re looking at data loss, business disruption, fines, financial hits, security risks, and legal headaches.

Centralized solutions? They’re a hot mess—single chokepoints of failure, hacker magnets, slow recovery, and privacy nightmares. Want the backups to be geo-distributed? The price skyrockets. 

Enter Jackal.


Your data deserves better than sitting in one vulnerable spot. Jackal spreads your backups across multiple jurisdictions, making it disaster-proof.

Jackal’s Got Your Data’s Back—Threefold

Three copies of everything, always ready. If even a tiny bit goes missing, our protocol steps in, clones the data, and keeps everything smooth without you lifting a finger.

Encrypted A.F.

Top-tier, best-in-class, second-to-none—whatever you call it, our encryption is rock-solid. Your data is locked down with the most robust security measures out there.

No Third-Parties

We use blockchain to turn the cloud into a fortress, free from prying eyes of big cloud middlemen. With Jackal, your backups are for your eyes only.

Straightforward Pricing

No sneaky fees. No hidden charges. Just straightforward pricing that makes budgeting a breeze.

Choosing Jackal for your data backups means opting for ultimate security, reliability, and peace of mind in a world where your data deserves nothing less. Don’t settle for less—go for the best with Jackal.