• AI developers have to sacrifice speed and user experience for privacy and decentralization
  • Developers need a solution that delivers speed, privacy, and decentralization. 
  • Jackal the delivers a solution required to compete with centralized AI.


Hey AI devs! Ever feel like you’re sacrificing speed and user experience for privacy and decentralization? Yeah, we feel you. It’s time for a change.

Meet Alex, an AI developer with a vision for creating apps that are not only powerful but also respect user privacy and security. Alex dreams of a world where AI apps don’t have to compromise. But right now, decentralized solutions are slow, clunky, and a far cry from their centralized counterparts. Alex’s apps either lag behind in performance or end up with chatbots that forget everything. If this keeps up, AI will become just another tool in Big Cloud’s arsenal.

Alex’s struggle is real and shared by many in the AI world. Developers are desperate for a solution that offers both speed, privacy, and sovereignty. 

Enter Jackal. With Jackal, Alex can finally build AI applications that are both fast and decentralized. Our upcoming Decentralized Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) will enhance the accuracy and reliability of AI models by fetching context from self-custodial sources—all while keeping data private and secure.

Why Jackal?

Decentralized Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) (Coming Soon)

RAG boosts AI accuracy by pulling in facts from self-custodial sources, giving you a powerful, decentralized alternative to traditional data fetching.

Your Data. Your Cloud.

With blockchain at the helm, Jackal ensures no intermediaries stand between you and your cloud storage. No prying eyes, no censorship, no middlemen—just pure, unadulterated control over your data.

Empowering Privacy-Conscious AI Innovation

Jackal lets businesses and developers confidently secure data for AI applications, keeping everything under your control, or your users control. From healthcare and finance to legal and academic research or personal agents, Jackal opens new horizons for innovation by marrying the power of AI with robust data privacy and sovereignty.

Store model weights, foundational models, chat checkpoints, or build RAG applications—all with the peace of mind that your data is secure, private, and yours alone.

Jackal is here to break the mold. No more sacrificing performance for privacy. With Jackal, you get the best of both worlds: speed, security, and resilience. Ready to revolutionize AI? Dive into Jackal and see what true innovation looks like. Let’s put the power of AI in the hands of the individual.