Decentralized Data Storage and Management Solutions

Secure your business from cyber threats with blockchain technology.

Leverage the Jackal Protocol to increase the cyber security and digital privacy posture of your business.

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How does Jackal Protocol protect your business?


Protect your mission critical data by securing it on the Jackal Protocol with ease. This provides businesses assurance and peace of mind knowing their valuable files are secure.


When your primary systems get hit with a cyber attack or ransomware, all data stored on the Jackal Protocol will be safe. Unlock your data on Jackal and load it back into your system without skipping a beat.


With blockchain technology, a distributed storage network the Jackal Protocol removes centralized chokepoints of failure targeted by hackers and cyber threats.


Transfer your files between parties in an encrypted and secure peer to peer environment. Remove the risk of insecure middlemen that could experience a data leak or breach.


Experience improved data governance with on-chain permissions allowing for transparent and secure management of data ensuring sensitive information remains protected and accessible to only authorized personnel.


Data stored on Jackal is verifiable at all times, distributed and redundant. The Jackal proof of persistence algorithm automatically heals data to always ensure 3x redundancy of all files.