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Jackal Protocol Partners with Babylon Chain to Bring Bitcoin Security to the Jackal Network

Published on
June 9, 2024

Jackal Protocol’s recent partnership with Babylon Chain significantly enhances the security of the filetree module, storage module, and overall transaction process. Babylon Chain’s innovative technology offers a robust security layer, making the Jackal Protocol more secure, reliable, and resilient than ever before.

Why Babylon Chain?

Babylon Chain utilizes advanced cryptographic technologies and state-of-the-art Cosmos SDK features to send compact, verifiable, and adversary-slashing checkpoints to the Bitcoin network for timestamping. Each checkpoint, despite being only around 150 bytes in size, can cover hundreds of Babylon blocks and all the transactions therein. Additionally, Babylon executes lightweight vigilante programs that bridge Babylon and Bitcoin, ensuring their consistency.

As a result, Babylon’s security is as strong as Bitcoin’s.

Enhancing Jackal Protocol’s Filetree and Storage Modules

Secure Filetree and Storage

By leveraging Babylon Chain’s technology, Jackal Protocol can now provide a highly secure environment for its filetree and storage modules. The integration of Babylon Chain ensures that all data stored on the Jackal Protocol is protected by the same level of security as Bitcoin, making it virtually tamper-proof.

Reliable Data Integrity

Babylon Chain’s timestamping feature guarantees that all data stored in Jackal Protocol’s filetree and storage modules maintains its integrity. This means that users can trust the protocol to securely store their data without any risk of unauthorized modification or corruption.

Strengthening Transactions on Jackal Blockchain

Secure and Trustworthy Transactions

With Babylon Chain’s support, Jackal Protocol can now ensure that all transactions on its blockchain are secure, verified, and irreversible. This added layer of security provides added reassurance for users when performing transactions on the Jackal Blockchain.

Enhanced Security for Cosmos Zones

Babylon Chain enables Cosmos zones to conveniently checkpoint their critical consensus data via IBC. Through Babylon’s verification and aggregation, all the zones, including Jackal Protocol, will enjoy Bitcoin-level security, eliminating the need for social consensus and weak subjectivity.

Unlocking New Features

The enhanced security offered by Babylon Chain paves the way for highly sought-after features. These include securely measured stake unbonding periods (configurable to as short as a few hours), secure bootstrapping of new Cosmos zones, secure sync of new clients, and transaction censorship resistance.


The collaboration between Jackal Protocol and Babylon Chain marks a significant milestone in the ongoing development of the Jackal Protocol ecosystem. By harnessing Babylon Chain’s groundbreaking security features, Jackal Protocol can deliver a more secure, reliable, and resilient platform for its filetree, storage modules, and transactions. This ultimately benefits its users and the broader blockchain community.

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