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Jackal Protocol 2024 Roadmap

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June 9, 2024

2024 Roadmap

In a world where technology keeps pushing boundaries beyond what we can imagine, the Jackal Protocol stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of the blockchain universe in 2024. Much like the pioneers who ventured into uncharted territories, the Jackal Protocol charts a course through the wild frontiers of digital data storage and blockchain interoperability. This journey is not just about advancing technology; it's about redefining the very fabric of digital interaction and data management in a decentralized world. As we embark on this exploration, let’s unravel the roadmap laid out for Jackal Protocol in 2024, a path laden with breakthroughs and challenges, poised to reshape our digital future. 

Your insights, feedback, and engagement are invaluable as we navigate this uncharted territory. Join our community on Discord and Telegram channels, where your voice can be heard, and your ideas can contribute to shaping the future of the Jackal Protocol. Be part of a community that is not just witnessing the evolution of blockchain technology but is actively driving it.


In the first quarter of 2024, the Jackal Protocol begins its ambitious journey. The integration with Axelar increases the ease of onboarding to the Jackal Protocol and access to the JKL token outside of the Cosmos ecosystem. The introduction of new liquidity pools outside of Cosmos represents a strategic move, enhancing liquidity, footprint, and exposure to the Jackal Protocol within the Ethereum and Arbitrum ecosystem for example. 

Radiant, the perpetual data storage application, emerges as a cornerstone in Q1. This application creates a data repository that is as eternal as the blockchain itself, a Sisyphean task turned reality.

The deployment of Jackal Outpost Stage 1 is akin to laying the first transcontinental telegraph line. By testing the Jackal Protocol outposts on other blockchains using the inter-blockchain communication protocol, Jackal is not only expanding its reach but also knitting the fabric of a more interconnected blockchain universe.

The introduction of Shepherd, the web gateways for accessing data stored on the Jackal Protocol, is a testament to the protocol’s user-centric approach. It’s a move that brings the power of the protocol to the fingertips of the end user, democratizing access to publishing and sharing files stored on Jackal. 

Finally, the formation of the Jackal Working Group is a nod to the collaborative spirit of the Jackal Protocol community. This initiative streamlines communication between the Jackal Protocol core teams and the community, ensuring that the protocol doesn’t just evolve but does so in alignment with the needs and insights of its users.


The progression to Outpost Stage 2 symbolizes a pivotal evolution in the Outpost development journey. The integration of a web client adds a layer of sophistication and accessibility to the Jackal outposts on other blockchains. This move demonstrates a keen understanding of the ecosystem's complexities and a commitment to making these complexities navigable for users.

Advancing to Outpost Stage 3, the mainnet launch, and the finalization of the web client is not just a milestone; it’s the culmination of relentless innovation and strategic planning. The mainnet launch marks Jackal Protocol's bold entry into a competitive arena, ready to make its mark delivering storage to other blockchains with a simple contract call.

The introduction of the Outpost MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is about testing the waters, gathering feedback, and preparing for a full-scale launch. This approach is reflective of a deep understanding of the 'lean startup' philosophy – iterate fast, fail fast, learn fast.

The V4 Upgrade of the Jackal Protocol promises enhanced features and improved user experience. It's a necessary evolution, ensuring that the protocol remains at the forefront of blockchain technology. For a deep dive into the V4 Upgrade explore this blog (

The integration of Ledger Support to interact with Jackal’s storage and filetree blockchain modules is a significant leap. This provides users with secure, reliable data storage and transfer capabilities with ledger hardware devices. This move is a testament to Jackal's commitment to security, ownership, sovereignty, self-custody and user trust.

Overhauling the Jackal JS libraries is a reflection of the protocol’s dedication to streamlining and optimizing the developer experience. These constant updates are subtle yet impactful for applications building with Jackal.

The introduction of the V2 Economic Model passed its on-chain signalling proposal. This upgrade, focused on real yield, reducing inflation, and adding a referral program, is a strategic recalibration for the Jackal Protocol. It’s a move that acknowledges the dynamic nature of blockchain economies and the need for sustainable growth.

R-Clone integration marks the end of Q2, symbolizing an expansion in the protocol’s functionality. R-Clone is a popular command line tool for data management, a feature that enhances the utility of the protocol, delivering the Swiss army knife of cloud storage to Jackal users. 


The introduction of Jackal Data Agents with data read functionality. This is a groundbreaking advancement for large-scale data availability and verification. This feature enables smart contracts on any blockchain to read data stored on the Jackal Protocol, marking a fusion of storage and computational capabilities that could revolutionize how we interact with blockchain technology. It’s a step that blurs the lines between static data storage and dynamic data utilization, ushering in a new era of smart contract functionality and new verticals to explore.

The upgrades to the Outpost. These enhancements are about expanding capabilities, improving efficiency, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the Jackal ecosystem and storage functionality on every layer 1 blockchain with smart contracts.

The overhaul of the Jackal Dashboard signifies a commitment to user experience. This overhaul is more than a cosmetic upgrade; it’s a reimagining of how users interact with the protocol, streamlining interfaces, and enhancing usability, thereby democratizing access to the Jackal Protocol technology.

Additionally, the launch of the RNS Web Portal and the integration of multi-signature wallet support represent strategic expansions for the Retriever Name Service. These developments not only broaden the scope and utility of RNS but also provide users with enhanced security and functionality, further solidifying Jackal's position as a pioneer in the blockchain space.


The deployment of Jackal Data Agents with data write functionality marks a significant evolution in the blockchain narrative, similar to the leap from web 2.0 to web 3.0. This feature allows smart contracts to not only read but also write to large files stored on the Jackal Protocol, bridging the gap between static data and dynamic blockchain interactions. It's a fusion of storage and computation that redefines the boundaries of smart contract capabilities, opening a realm of possibilities previously consigned to the realm of imagination.

The unveiling of the Desktop Prototype in Q4 is reminiscent of the early days of personal computing, where the introduction of a new interface changed how users interacted with technology. This prototype represents a tangible connection between the Jackal Protocol and its users, offering a more intuitive, accessible, and powerful way to engage with the blockchain and safeguard your data.


Jackal Protocol brings an unprecedented blend of innovation and utility for blockchain technology. It transcends traditional blockchain functionalities, bridging gaps between isolated data storage and dynamic blockchain interactions. This protocol introduces features like Data Agents, transforming how smart contracts interact with data, moving beyond mere transactions to a more nuanced dialogue with information. The integration with various blockchain outposts and storage integration with ledger devices broadens the reach and deepens the impact of blockchain technology. In essence, Jackal Protocol is not merely a participant in the blockchain narrative; it is a pioneering force, redefining the contours of what blockchain technology can achieve and setting a new benchmark for innovation and value addition in the digital world.

The next steps for the Jackal Protocol are as exciting as they are crucial. The continuous development and refinement of features, alongside the unwavering commitment to innovation, will drive the protocol forward. The roadmap laid out is just the beginning. The real journey unfolds with the participation and contribution of the community.

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