Introducing Radiant: Eternal Data Storage on Jackal Protocol

Radiant is the premier file publishing platform with a promise of endurance, security, and complete control over your data. Built on the robust Jackal Protocol, Radiant is your gateway to immortalizing your digital files.

Unmatched Durability

Radiant ensures your data's preservation for two centuries, leveraging Jackal Protocol's autonomous triple-redundant safety measures. Your files are not just stored; they're safeguarded globally.

Immutable Links

Every file on Radiant comes with a shareable, immutable link. These are eternal access points to your content, ensuring it remains accessible and unalterable forever.

Publish Anything, Timelessly

From white papers to NFTs, software, AI weights and training data, frontends, or even entire websites, Radiant supports all file types. It's an open canvas for your creativity, offering a platform to publish with confidence and longevity.

Embrace the Future with Radiant

Radiant invites you to join a new era of data permanence. Secure your digital legacy on a platform where files are truly yours, forever. 

Welcome to Radiant. Embrace longevity.

Try it: Go to Radiant

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