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Introducing Beacon: Protecting Voices, Preserving History

Published on
June 9, 2024

Introducing Beacon

Jackal Labs is proud to present the alpha release Beacon, a groundbreaking platform that redefines decentralized publishing. Beacon empowers writers with the freedom to create, edit, and publish their articles in a unified environment. Articles on Beacon are not just public and shareable; they are permanent, hosted on Jackal Cloud for 200 years.

The Genesis of Beacon

Today, there is a significant gap in the publishing ecosystem—a lack of truly decentralized publishing platforms. Traditional platforms, even those claiming decentralization, often rely on centralized systems and middleware. In a world of information supply chain attacks, a public good must be created to protect history from centralized chokepoints of failure. These chokepoints often lead to the loss critical information. Beacon was conceived as a response, offering journalists, activists, and everyone else a secure space for their voices to be heard without constraints.

The Capabilities of Beacon

Beacon is more than a publishing platform; it is a comprehensive editor. It allows users to create rich text documents with embedded images and videos, ensuring that visual content remains as permanent as the articles. Users are invited to explore Beacon's homepage and discover its seamless embedding capabilities. Beacon also offers a range of features, including tables, lists, and code blocks, putting the power back in the hands of users, away from centralized control.

Welcome to a transformative era of sovereign, immutable, publishing.

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