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Announcement: Formation of the Jackal Protocol Working Group

Published on
June 9, 2024

Today marks the formation of a specialized Jackal Protocol working group, uniting builders, power users, and the broader community. This strategic initiative is designed to harness the collective insights and expertise of its members, driving the growth and optimization of the Jackal Protocol ecosystem. The working group is set to:

Optimize Build-Measure-Learn Feedback Loops:

  • Accelerate the iteration cycles of development by providing rapid, actionable feedback from a diverse user base.
  • Ensure that new features and updates are in tune with the needs of the community and market demands.

Facilitate Direct Feedback to Core Developers:

  • Establish a direct channel for articulating insights, suggestions, and constructive criticism to the core development team.
  • Aid in prioritizing feature development and bug fixes, aligning them closely with community input.

Participate in Alpha and Beta Testing of New Applications:

  • Engage members in early testing phases, gathering essential feedback to refine user experience and functionality.
  • Identify potential issues and areas for enhancement before broad-scale deployment.

Contribute to the Optimization of Protocol Economics:

  • Analyze and propose enhancements to the economic model of the protocol, ensuring sustainability and fostering growth.
  • Participate in discussions surrounding tokenomics, staking mechanisms, and reward systems.

Collaborate on Marketing Strategy Brainstorms:

  • Join forces to devise innovative marketing initiatives, aiming to boost adoption and enhance awareness of the Jackal Protocol.
  • Provide insights into market trends and user preferences, shaping the direction of effective marketing campaigns.

Streamline Communication Between Core Teams and the Community:

  • Ensure seamless and effective communication between the Jackal Protocol core teams and the wider community.
  • Guarantee that the evolution of the protocol is closely aligned with the feedback and insights of its users.

Invitation to Join:

The Jackal Protocol invites passionate individuals from within the community who are keen to contribute to the protocol's evolution. Those with a deep understanding of the protocol, a commitment to its growth, and a desire to collaborate with like-minded peers are encouraged to join this working group.

The formation of this working group marks a significant milestone for the Jackal Protocol, paving the way for a future where the protocol not only evolves but does so in alignment with the needs and insights of its dedicated community.

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